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    What is RSS?

    RSS is short for Rich Site Summary (or "really simple syndication") and is a simple form of Extensible Markup Language (XML). The acronyms are not, however, as important as what RSS can do.

    An RSS feed (which is really just a page on a Web site authored in RSS), combined with a news feed reader, can put the most recent stories available from any number of Web sites into an e-mail-like application that you can browse without visiting every site. Then if you see a headline you're interested in, click, off you go. Itís an easy way to keep track of a large number of sites at the same time and make sure youíre not missing important stories. Really simple. Syndication.

    Where Can I Get A Feed Reader?

    We don't program, supply or install feed readers. We'll be happy to point you to some places where you get one, though obviously, we're not going to be liable if you download and install one and you don't like it, it doesn't work, or otherwise causes you grief. Some of the ones you'll find out there are better than others, some are free, some cost money. If you're not technically adventurous, you may want to wait until some of the major browsers release their next versions, which will likely have a feed reader bundled as part of the package. That said, here are a few useful links:

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